Student Theses

MOVES Student Theses


Leveraging Augmented Reality in Support of Aircraft Towing Evolutions, Author: Marks, Jared R. Advisors: Perry McDowell and Mollie McGuire.

Supporting Combined Arms Military Decision-Making Process with AR Technology, Author: Caroffino, Carl J. Advisor: Amela Sadagic. Second Reader: Michael Guerrero

Development, Introduction, And Evaluation of Small-Unit Mission Planning Tool, Author: Hickey, Edward V. IV, Advisors: Curt Blais, & Christian Fitzpatrick. (Thesis is Distribution Code D, you may contact Dudley Knox Library for a copy if you work for the DoD or a DoD contractor.)

Leveraging the Prism System Collaborative Workstation for Aviation Command and Control, Author: Martin, Mathew M. Advisors: Perry McDowell and Mollie McGuire. (Thesis is Distribution Code D, you may contact Dudley Knox Library for a copy if you work for the DoD or a DoD contractor.)

Enabling Large-Scale Context in Low-Echelon Training with Air Tasking Order Generation, Author: Tam, Johanna A. Advisors: Christian Fitzpatrick, & Imre Balogh.

Proof-of-Concept Virtual Reality Parachute Training Simulator, Author: Vazquez Duran, Jose A. Advisor: Amela Sadagic. Second Reader: Michael Guerrero


Enlisting AI in Course of Action Analysis as Applied to Naval Freedom of Navigation Operations, Author: Allen, John T. II, Advisors: Christian Darken and Jonathan Alt.

A Computer-Based Simulation to Accelerate Military Decision-Making Using a Platoon Tactical Decision Game (TDG), Author: Fisher, Alexander D., Advisors: Rudy Darken & Mollie McGuire.

Increasing Tactical Identification of Complex Systems Through Injection of 3D Models Using Common VR and Desktop Platforms, Author: Frank, Justin J. Advisors: Rudolph Darken & Perry McDowell. Second Readers: James Teters, Mark Valli and Charlie Timm. (Thesis is Distribution Code D, you may contact Dudley Knox Library for a copy if you work for the DoD or a DoD contractor.)

Applying Machine Learning for COP/CTP Data Filtering, Author: Goh, Wei Ting. Advisors: Curt Blais & Victor Garza. Second Readers: Brian Wood and Christian Fitzpatrick.

Tachistoscope on a Virtual Reality Platform to Improve Memorization and Increase Rapid Recognition, Author: Pugh, Brian T. Advisor: Quinn Kennedy. Second Reader: Dorion Liston.

Exploring the Ability to Employ Virtual 3D Entities Outdoors at Ranges Beyond 20 Meters, Author: Morris, John R. Advisors: Perry McDowell & Quinn Kennedy.

Modeling and Simulations for Optimization of Microfluidic Microcapacitor Arrays of Biomimetic Artificial Muscles for Quiet Propulsion and Exoskeletal Locomotion, Authors: Keevan, Joshua M. & Leckie, Jacob M. Advisors: Amela Sadagic & Emil Kartalov. Second Reader: Quinn Kennedy.

X-Ray Vision: Application of Augmented Reality in Aviation Maintenance to Simplify Tasks Inhibited by Occlusion, Author: McNeely, Justin R. Advisors: Perry McDowell & James Fan.

Force Design for a Tactical Displacement in an EABO Environment, Author: Robinson, Mathew J. Advisors: Curt BlaisChristian Fitzpatrick, & Imre Balogh. (Thesis is Distribution Code B, you may contact Dudley Knox Library for a copy if you work for the DoD.)


Using Convolution Neural Networks to Develop Robust Combat Behaviors Through Reinforcement Learning, Authors: Cannon, Christopher T. and Goericke, Stefan. Advisor: Christian Darken, Second Reader:  Sean Clement.

Applying Federated Simulations in a Distributed Operational Environment to Conduct Dynamic Logistics Staff Training, Author: Garibay, Christopher. Advisors: Curt Blais and Christopher Fitzpatrick, Second Reader: Quinn Kennedy. (Thesis is Distribution Code D, you may contact Dudley Knox Library for a copy if you work for the DoD or a DoD contractor.) 

Visual Signal Training for Drivers and Their Ground Guides, Author: Mahan, William T. Advisors: Perry McDowell and Mollie McGuire.

Integration of Interoperable Android-Based Command and Control Systems to Create More Realistic Tactical Training, Author: Weissenberger, Bernd. Advisors: Kirk Stork, Christian Fitzpatrick, & Imre Balogh.

Interoperability of Networked Simulation Systems for Distributed Fire Support Coordination Training, Author: White, Alexander R. Advisors: Kirk Stork, Curt Blais, & Christian Fitzpatrick.


Incorporating Radio Frequency Mesh Networks to Link Live, Virtual, Constructive Training, Author: Mccann, Lauren J., Advisors: Christian R. Fitzpatrick, Imre L. Balogh, June 2020

Military Mission Planning Using Augmented Reality Technology, Author: Bert Knobeloch, Advisors: Amela Sadagic, Christian R. Fitzpatrick, June 2020

Repeatable Unit Testing of Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Protocol Behavior Streams Using Web Standards, Author: Tobias Brennenstuhl, Advisor: Donald P. Brutzman, Second Reader: Terry D. Norbraten, June 2020

Developing Combat Behavior through Reinforcement Learning, Author: Jonathan A. Boron, Advisor: Christian J. Darken, Second Reader: Jonathan K. Alt, June 2020

This Is My Robot: There Are Many like It, But This One Is Mine, Author: Daniel M. Yurkovich, Advisors: Christian R. Fitzpatrick, Mollie R. McGuire, June 2020

Using Augmented Reality to Enhance Situational Awareness for Aircraft Towing, Author: Colton S. Fetterolf, Advisors: Perry L. McDowell, Meghan Q. Kennedy Cortez, June 2020


Using Neural Networks to Determine Course of Action for a Land-Based Constructive Simulation, Author: Weiwen Mervyn Lian, Advisor: Christian J. Darken, Second Reader: Jonathan K. Alt, September 2019

Real or Rendered? Determining Human Preferences in an Extended Reality Environment, Author: Donald Jason Frisco, Advisor: Glenn A. Hodges, Second Reader: Panagiotis Matsangas, September 2019

Modeling Forward Observer (FO) Operations Using Optical Data Communications, Author: John M. Furr, Advisors: Glenn A. Hodges, Donald P. Brutzman, September 2019. (Thesis is Distribution Code D, you may contact Dudley Knox Library for a copy if you work for the DoD or a DoD contractor.) 

Modeling and Simulation Wargaming Tool for Navy Staff Officer Training, Author: Daniel L. Cain, Advisors: Jeffrey A. Appleget, Perry L. McDowell, June 2019

Improving Marine Forces Storage Center Efficiency Using Workflow Modeling and Discrete Event Simulation, Author: Kevin J. Ayres, Advisors: Arnold H. Buss, Geraldo Ferrer, June 2019

Integration of Constructive Simulations to Logistics Command and Control Training Design and Execution, Author: Lora Thomerson, Advisors: Christian R. Fitzpatrick, Imre L. Balogh, June 2019 

Developing a Scaled Performance Evaluation Measurement System to Evaluate Marine Performance, Author: Garrett A. Loeffelman, Advisors: Glenn A. Hodges, Meghan Q. Kennedy, June 2019

Seabed Infrastructure Defense Analysis, Authors: Francische N. Antonio, Jared C. Asmus, Kyle Belcher, Asaf Berger, Ben Muwei Bey, Zhaolin Chen, Jian Ming Chew, Scott S. Constantine, Dolph E. Eich, Jr., Joseph E. Hanacek, Jie Ren Kui, Cheng Qian Lee, Weiwen Mervyn Lian, John N. Morgan, Brian J. Newgren, Wilson L. Rydalch, Xi Yang Ronald Se, Ronghua Shi, Kang Hao Tan, Kevin M. Wheeler, Advisors: Michael P. Atkinson, Paul T. Beery, June 2019

Advanced Terrain Reasoning and Automated Maneuver Planning, Author: Peter Severson, Advisor: Imre L. Balogh, Second Reader: David Reeves, June 2019

Development of a Prototype Virtual Reality Trainer for Tactical Vehicle Ground-Guiding Procedures, Author: Cody D. Tackett, Advisor: Amela Sadagic, Second Reader: Michael J. Guerrero, March 2019


The Role of Stereoscopic Depth Cue and Immersion in Maintenance Tasks, Author: Douglas Yamashita de Moura, Advisor: Amela Sadagic, Second Readers: Rolf E. Johnson, Michael J. Guerrero, September 2018

The Next Generation of Aviation Maintenance Training: Game-Based and Virtual Reality Augmented Learning, Author: Enrico L. Landas, Advisors: Rudolph P. Darken, Perry L. McDowell, September 2018

Efficiency and Precision Experimentation for Augmented Reality Cued Maintenance Actions, Author: Christopher J. Angelopoulos, Advisors: Rudolph P. Darken, Perry L. McDowell, June 2018

Individual Soldier Loads and the Effects on Combat Performance, Author: Jeremiah M. Sasala, Advisors: Curtis L. Blais, Imre L. Balogh, Second Reader: Anthony D. Smith, June 2018

USMC Depot-Level Maintenance of the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV): A Discrete-Event Simulation Analysis, Author: Michael J. Blankenbeker, Advisor: Arnold H. Buss, Second Reader: Ruriko Yoshia, June 2018

Testing a Cognitive Alignment-Based Training Model to Accelerate Optimal Military Decision-Making in a Platoon-Formation Task, Author: Brian M. Hanley, Advisor: Meghan Q. Kennedy, Second Reader: Christian R. Fitzpatrick, June 2018


Use of VR Technology and Passive Haptics for MANPADS Training System, Author: Faisal Rashid, Advisor: Amela Sadagic, Second Reader: Rolf E. Johnson, September 2017

Air Support Control Officer Individual Position Training Simulation, Author: Kathleen M. Haggard, Advisors: Perry L. McDowell, Lee Sciarini, June 2017

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Close Air Support Trainer for Situation Awareness, Author: John F. Gibson, Advisor: Amela Sadagic, Second Reader: Michael Guerrero, June 2017

A Simulation of Readiness-Based Sparing Policies, Author: John D. Wray, Advisor: Arnold Buss, Second Reader: Karla Lizzo, June 2017

Discrete Event Simulation for the Analysis of Artillery Fired Projectiles from Shore, Author: James Garrick Sheatzley, Advisor: Arnold H. Buss, Second Reader: Susan M. Sanchez, June 2017

Proof-Of-Concept Part-Task Trainer to Enhance Situation Awareness for Instrument Approach Procedures in Aviation Domain, Author: Nicholas L. Arthur, Advisors: Amela Sadagic, Lee Sciarini, June 2017

Modeling Environmental Impacts on Cognitive Performance for Artificially Intelligent Entities, Author: Pierce C. Guthrie, Advisors: Lee Sciarini, Michael Guerrero, Perry L. McDowell, June 2017

Enhancing The Incorporation of Cyberspace Electromagnetic Activities into The Army Operations Process, Author: John N. Dvorak, Advisors: Gurminder Singh and John H. Gibson, June 2017.  (Thesis is Distribution Code D, you may contact Dudley Knox Library for a copy if you work for the DoD or a DoD contractor.) 


USMC Inventory Control Using Optimization Modeling and Discrete Event Simulation, Author: Timothy A. Curling, Advisors: Arnold Buss, Javier Salmeron, September 2016

Hierarchical Task Network Prototyping in Unity3D, Author: David Miller, Advisor: Imre Balogh, Second Reader: David Reeves, June 2016

Modeling Anti-Air Warfare with Discrete Event Simulation and Analyzing Naval Convoy Operations, Author: Ali E. Opcin, Advisors: Arnold H. Buss, Thomas W. Lucas, Second Reader: Paul J. Sanchez, June 2016

Can Subjects Be Guided to Optimal Decisions? The Use of a Real-Time Training Intervention Model, Author: Travis D. Carlson, Advisors: Lee Sciarini, Quinn Kennedy, June 2016

Influencing Gameplay in Support of Early Synthetic Prototyping Studies, Author: Douglas J. Ross, Advisors: Rudolph Darken, Brian Vogt, June 2016

Early Synthetic Prototyping: The Use of Video After-Action Reports for Harvesting Useful Feedback in Early Design, Author: Matthew R. Provost, Advisor: Rudolph Darken, June 2016

Discrete Event Simulation Model of the Polaris 2.1 Gamma Ray Imaging Radiation Detection Device, Author: Andres T. Juarez, III, Advisor: Arnold Buss, Second Reader: Steve Mullins, June 2016

Proof-Of-Concept Part Task Trainer for Close Air Support Procedures, Author: Jesse T. Attig, Advisor: Amela Sadagic, Second Reader: Joe Sullivan, June 2016

Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Expeditionary Operations: Current Needs, Technical Challenges, and Opportunities, Author: Matthew Daniel Friedell, Advisors: Amela Sadagic & Don Brutzman, Second Reader: Behrokh Khoshnevis

Artillery Survivability Model, Author: Yusuf Z. Temiz, Advisor: Christian Darken, Second Reader: Michael Guerrero, June 2016

Towards a Game-Based Periscope Simulator for Submarine Officers Tactical Training, Authors: Rodrigo da Silva Vieira, Advisors: Lee Sciarini & Perry McDowell, June 2016


Investigation of Coordination Algorithms for Swarm Robotics Conducting Area Search, Author: Dylan Z. Lau, Advisors: Timothy H. Chung & Duane Davis, September 2015

Baseline Establishment Using Virtual Environment Traumatic Brain Injury Screen (VETS), Author: Casey G. DeMunck, Advisor: Lee Sciarini, Second Reader: Joseph Sullivan, June 2015

Understanding Optimal Decision-Making, Author: John W. Critz, Advisors: Quinn Kennedy & Jon Alt, June 2015

Simulating Mission Command for Planning and Analysis, Author: Hasan Beker, Advisor, Arnold Buss, Second Reader: Leroy A. Jackson, June 2015

Missions, the Tactics, the Implementation: A Simulation for Aerial Combat Swarms, Author: Scotty E. Black, Advisors: Timothy Chung & Quinn Kennedy, June 2015 (Thesis is Distribution Code D, you may contact Dudley Knox Library for a copy if you work for the DoD or a DoD contractor.) 


Development of a Web-Based Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Environment Using JavaScript, Author: Chen-Fu Hsiao, Advisors: Christian J. Darken & Donald McGregor, September 2014

Development of a Web-Based Periscope Simulator for Submarine Officer Training, Author: Ricardo S. Bastos, Advisors: Amela Sadagic & Christian Darken, September 2014

Agent-Based Model and System Dynamics Model for Peace-Keeping Operations, Author: HockWoo Tan, Advisor: Arnold H. Buss, Second Reader: Steven B. Hall, September 2014

Logistics Supply of the Distributed Air Wing, Author: Chee Siong Ong, Advisor: Timothy Chung, Second Reader: Eugene Paulo, September 2014

Web-Based Army Repeatable Lesson in Operational Combat (WARLOC), Authors: Michael K. Pavek, Austin T. Starken, Advisors: Christian Darken & Jeffrey Appleget, June 2014

Modeling Dynamic Tactical Behaviors in COMBATXXI Using Hierarchical Task Networks, Author: Michael J. Donaldson, Advisor: Imre Balogh, Second Reader: Kirk Stork, June 2014

A Statistically Based Training Diagnostic Tool for Marine Aviation, Author: Francis M. Pascucci, Advisors: Samuel E. Buttrey & Joseph Sullivan, June 2014

Utilizing an Intelligent Tutoring System in Tactical Action Officer Sandbox, Author: Ryan W. McBride, Advisor: Joseph A. Sullivan, Second Reader: Jeffrey D. Weekley, June 2014

Mandibular Advancing Positive Pressure Apnea Remediation Device (MAPPARD), Author: Benjamin T. Morehead, Advisor: Joseph A. Sullivan, Second Reader: Jeffrey D. Weekley, June 2014

Assessing the Operational Robustness of the HOMER Model for Marine Corps Use in Expeditionary Environments, Author: Matthew M. Morse, Advisors: Daniel Nussbaum & Eugene Paulo, Second Reader: Imre Balogh, June 2014

Training Effectiveness Study of Simulator Usage and Its Impact on Live Fire Armor Gunnery, Author: Denis M. Wagner, Jr., Advisors: Quinn Kenned &, Jeffrey Appleget, Second Reader: Perry McDowell, June 2014

A Comparison of Tactical Leader Decision Making between Automated and Live Counterparts in a Virtual Environment, Author: Scott A. Patton, Advisor: Quinn Kennedy, Second Reader: Joseph Alt, June 2014

A Comparison of Current Naval Marksmanship Training vs. Simulation-Based Marksmanship Training with the Use of Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT), Author: Tommy J. Getty, Advisor: Quinn Kennedy, Second Reader: Joseph Sullivan, March 2014


The Use of Simulators in Rules of the Road Training, Author: John W.C. Weaver, Advisors: Joseph Sullivan &, Perry McDowell, December 2013

Integrating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles into Surveillance Systems in Complex Maritime Environments, Author: Georgios Dimitriou, Advisor: Quinn Kennedy, Second Reader: Thomas W. Lucas, September 2013

Untrained Forward Observer (UFO) Translator for Call for Fire, Author: Regan R. King, Advisors: Gurminder Singh & John Gibson, September 2013

Developing Behavioral Metrics for Decision-Making in Marine Corps Small-Units, Author: Jonathon J. Richardson, Advisors: Susan Hutchins & Lee Sciarini, Second Reader: Quinn Kennedy

Virtual Environment Training on Mobile Devices, Authors: James V. Reynolds, Craig Smith, Advisor: Joseph Sullivan, Second Reader: Erik Johnson, September 2013

Enhancing Entity Level Knowledge Representation and Environmental Sensing in COMBATXXI Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Author: James C. Teters, II, Advisor: Imre Balogh, Second Reader: Peter Nesbitt, September 2013

Diffusion and Large-Scale Adoption of Computer-Supported Training Simulations in the Military Domain, Author: Floy A. Yates, Jr., Advisor: Amela Sadagic, Second Reader: Rudy Darken, September 2013

Effects of UAV Supervisory Control on F-18 Formation Flight Performance in a Simulator Environment, Authors: Eric L. McMullen & Brian Shane Grass, Advisors: Ji Hyun Yang & Quinn Kennedy, Second Reader: Joseph Sullivan, March 2013

Analyzing Naval Strategy for Counter-piracy Operations, Using the Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet (MMOWGLI) and Discrete Event Simulation (DES), Author: Chad R. Hutchins, Advisors: Donald Brutzman, Arnold Buss, Second Reader: Terry Norbraten, March 2013


Low-Resolution Screening of Early Stage Acquisition Simulation Scenario Development Decisions, Author: Shane A. Price, Advisors: Arnold Buss & Imre Balogh, December 2012

Automation of P-3 Simulations to Improve Operator Workload, Author: Justin L. Ross, Advisor: Chris J. Darken, Second Reader: Curtis Blais, September 2012

Usability Testing and Workflow Analysis of the TRADOC Data Visualization Tool, Authors: Darren W. Cutler, Tyler J. Rasmussen, Advisor: Ji Hyun Yang, Second Reader: James Henry, September 2012

Performance Assessment of Network Intrusion-Alert Prediction, Author: Farn Wei Jason Khong, Advisors: Christian J. Darken & Neil C. Rowe, Second Reader: Kian-Moh Terence Tan, September 2012

Analysis of Cognitive Architecture in the Cultural Geography Model, Author: Chin Chuan Ong, Advisor: Christian J. Darken, Second Reader: Jason Caldwell, September 2012

A Methodology to Assess UrbanSim Scenarios, Author: Brian D. Vogt, Advisor: Joseph Sullivan, Second Reader: Jonathan Alt, September 2012

Expertise on Cognitive Workloads and Performance during Navigation and Target Detection, Author: Christopher M. Neboshynsky, Advisors: Quinn Kennedy & Ji Hyun Yang, Second Reader: Harrison Schramm, March 2012

The Sea of Simulation: Improving Naval Shiphandling Training and Readiness through Game-Based Learning, Authors: Ethan A. Reber & Benjamin J. Bernard, Advisors: Perry McDowell & Joseph Sullivan, March 2012

A Naval Marksmanship Training Transfer Study the Use of Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainers to Train for Live Fire, Authors: Timothy Jensen, John Woodson, Advisor: Quinn Kennedy, Second Reader: William Becker, March 2012


Identifying the Method for Effective Combat Marksmanship Training Using Site Optics and Packaged Sensor Feedback, Author: Gabriel D. Diaz, Advisors: William Becker & Anthony Ciavarelli, Second Reader: Christian Smith, September 2011

Onboard and Parts-Based Object Detection from Aerial Imagery, Author: Robert Michael Zaborowski, Advisor: Mathias Kolsch, Second Reader: Chris Darken, September 2011

Comparison of Data Development Tools for Populating Cognitive Models in Social Simulation, Author: Daniel C. McKaughan, Advisor: Christian Darken, Second Reader: Jonathan Alt, September 2011

Evaluation of Modern Navies' Damage Control and Firefighting Training Using Simulator Platforms, Author: Georgios Varelas, Advisors: Michael E. McCauley & Anthony Ciavarelli, September 2011

Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Agent Learning, Author: Ozkan Ozcan, Advisor: Christian J. Darken, Second Reader: Jonathan K. Alt, September 2011

Improving Military Change Detection Skills in a Virtual Environment the Effects of Time, Threat Level, and Tutorials, Authors: Michael K. Stinchfield, Jason C. Caldwell, Advisors: Michael McCauley & Anthony Ciavarelli, Second Reader: Quinn Kennedy, September 2011

Design and Task Analysis for a Game-Based Shiphandling Simulator Using an Open Source Game Engine (DELTA3D), Author: Claudio Coreixas de Moraes, Advisors: Christian Darken & Anthony Ciavarelli, Second Reader: Roberto de Beauclair, September 2011

Representative Trust in Cognitive Social Simulations, Author: Shawnoah Pollock, Advisors: Christian Darken & Jonathan Alt, September 2011


A Study on Discrete Event Simulation (DES) in a High-Level Architecture (HLA) Networked Simulation, Author: Chee Tzuon Wong, Advisors: Arnold Buss & Donald McGregor, December 2010

Panoramic Augmented Reality for Persistence of Information in Counterinsurgency Environments (PARPICE), Author: Brett D. Lindberg, Advisor: Mathias Kolsch, Second Reader: Michael McCauley, December 2010

X3D-Earth Full Globe Coverage Utilizing Multiple Datasets, Author: Dale R. Tourtelotte, Advisor: Don Brutzman, Second Readers: Don McGregor, Byonghyun Yoo, September 2010

The Impact of User-Input Devices on Virtual Desktop Trainers, Author: William R. Glaser, Advisors: William Becker & Quinn Kennedy, September 2010

Defining a Simulation Capability Hierarchy for the Modeling of a Seabase Enabler (SBE), Author: Ryan Michael Hernandez, Advisor: Eugene Paulo, Second Reader: Quinn Kennedy, September 2010

Reinforcement learning a new approach for the cultural geography model, Author: Sotirios Papadopoulos, Advisor: Christian J. Darken, Second Reader: Jonathan Alt, September 2010

The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Surface Warfare (SUW) Module Determining the Best Mix of Surface-To-Surface and Air-To-Surface Missiles, Author: Kevin Robert Jacobson, Advisor: Michael McCauley, Second Reade: Curtis Blais, September 2010

Efficient Xml Interchange (EXI) Compression and Performance Benefits : Development, Implementation and Evaluation, Author: Sheldon L. Snyder, Advisors: Don Brutzman & Don McGregor, March 2010

Fiducial Marker Detection and Pose Estimation from Lidar Range Data, Author: Richard B. Morrison, Advisors: Mathias Kolsch & Timothy H. Chung, March 2010

A Training Transfer Study of Simulation Games, Author: Benjamin J. Brown, Advisors: William Becker & Rudolph Darken, March 2010


Airlift Operations Modeling Using Discrete Event Simulation (DES), Author: Yew Chong Foong, Advisor: Arnold Buss, Second Reader: David Meyer, December 2009

Realistic Reflections for Marine Environment in Augmented Reality Training Systems, Author: Jason A. Nelson, Advisor: Mathias Kolsch, Second Reader: John Falby, September 2009

Genetic Algorithms in the Battlespace Terrain Reasoning and Awareness-Battle Command (BTRA-BC) Battle Engine, Author: Kenneth J. Maroon, Advisors: Curtis Blais & Jeff Appleget, September 2009

Nearest Neighbor Classification Using a Density Sensitive Distance Measurement [Electronic Resource], Author: Joshua Jeremy Burkholder, Advisor: Kevin Squire, Second Reader: Mathias Kolsch, September 2009

A Simulation Tool for the Duties of Computer Specialist Non-commissioned Officers on a Turkish Air Force Base, Author: Serhat Camur, Advisor: Arnold H. Buss, Second Reader: Susan M. Sanchez, September 2009

Integrating Intelligence and Building Teams within the Infantry Immersion Trainer, Author: Craig R. Schwetje, Advisor: Amela Sadagic, Second Reader: Joseph Sullivan, September 2009

Frigate Defense Effectiveness in Asymmetrical Green Water Engagements, Author: Heiko Abel, Advisor: Paul J. Sanchez, Second Reader: Jeffrey E. Kline, September 2009

Integration of Robotics and 3D Visualization to Modernize the Expeditionary Warfare Demonstrator (EWD), Author: Christian R. Fitzpatrick, Advisors: Don Brutzman & Amela Sadagic, September 2009

Integrating Distributed Interactive Simulations with the Project Darkstar Open-Source Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) Middleware, Author: Tariq M. Rashid, Advisors: Don Brutzman & Don McGregor, Second Reader: Amela Sadagic, September 2009

Evaluation of Tactile Situation Awareness System as an Aid for Improving Aircraft Control during Periods of Impaired Vision, Author: James S. Brown, Advisor: William Becker, Second Reader: Michael McCauley, June 2009

Improved Usability of Locomotion Devices Using Human-Centric Taxonomy, Author: Alex T. Mabini, Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Second Reader: Joseph Sullivan, March 2009


Improving Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) Offloads Using Modeling and Simulation, Author: Brandon K. Thomas, Advisors: Don Brutzman & Ed Lesnowicz, Second Reader: Terry Norbraten, December 2008

Web Services Integration on the Fly, Author: Hoe Wai Leong, Advisors: Don Brutzman, Curtis Blais, Second Reader: Don McGregor, December 2008

Plan Validation Using DES and Agent-Based Simulation, Authors: Kim Soo Ong, Teck Hwee Wong, Advisors: Christian J. Darken & Arnold H. Buss, December 2008

Defining Stability, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction (SSTR) Operations Requirements for Future Department of the Navy  Training and Analytical Models and Simulations, Authors: Jonathan Beris & Eric S. Whittington, Advisors: Curtis Blais, Arnold Buss, & Christian Darken, Second Reader: Michael Jones, September 2008

Small Boat and Swarm Defense: A Gap Study, Author: Andre N. Tiwari, Advisors: Michael McCauley & Curtis Blais, Second Reader: Terry Norbraten, September 2008

Development of a Long-Range Gliding Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Utilizing Java Sun SPOT Technology, Author: Ronald J. Hemmelgarn, Advisor: Don Brutzman, Second Reader: Jeff Weekley, September 2008

Identification of Human Factors Concerns in Joint Strike Fighter and Training Recommendations, Authors: Arif Batu Bitik & Bülent Külünk, Advisors: Joseph Sullivan & Michael McCauley, Second Reader: Anthony Ciavarelli, September 2008

The Impact Analysis of a Mixed Squadron, Containing LCS and Multi-Mission Surface Platforms, on Blue Force Casualties and Mission Effectiveness, Author: Michael S. Milliken, Advisor: Thomas W. Lucas, Second Reader: Edward J. Lesnowicz, September 2008

Acquisition of a Static Human Target in Complex Terrain Study of Perceptual Learning Utilizing Virtual Environments, Author: Robert L. Kammerzell, Advisor: Michael McCauley, Second Reader: Joseph Sullivan, September 2008

Framing Cultural Attributes for Human Representation in Military Training and Simulations, Author: Tellis A. Fears, Advisors: Deborah Gibbons & Curtis Blais, September 2008

Mission Assignment Model and Simulation Tool for Different  Types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Authors: Yücel Alver, Murat Özdoğan, Advisor: Arnold Buss, Second Reader: Enver Yucesan, September 2008

Single Operator Control of Multiple Uninhabited Air Vehicles Situational Awareness Requirement, Author: Derek Sebalj, Advisor: Michael McCauley, Second Reader: Anthony Ciavarelli, September 2008

Clandestine Message Passing in Virtual Environments, Author: Ryan Rippeon, Advisors: Gurminder Singh, Joseph Sullivan, September 2008

Simulation of Flight Operations and Pilot Duties in LANTIRN Fighter Squadrons Using Simkit, Author: Mustafa Azimetli, Advisor: Arnold Buss, Second Reader: Susan M. Sanchez, June 2008

Modeling Airport Ground Operations Using Discrete Event Simulation (DES) and X3D Visualization, Author: Nabil Ouerghi, Advisors: Don Brutzman, Arnold Buss, & Terry Norbraten, March 2008

The Use of Concept Maps for the Diffusion of the Distributed Operations Concept and the Propagation of Existing Virtual Training Simulations, Author: Brian S. Boone, Advisor: Amela Sadagic, Second Reader: Joseph Sullivan, March 2008

Using a Competitive Approach to Improve Military Simulation Artificial Intelligence Design, Author: Sevdalin Stoykov, Advisor: Christian Darken, Second Reader: Curtis Blais, March 2008


Discrete-Event Simulation with Agents for Modeling of Dynamic Asymmetric Threats in Maritime Security, Author: Chee Wan Ng, Advisors: Arnold H. Buss & John Hiles, December 2007

Tactical Plan Generation Software for Maritime Interdiction Using Conceptual Blending Theory, Author: Kian Moh Terence Tan, Advisor: John Hiles, Second Reader: Paul Shebalin, December 2007

A Study on Modeling Approaches in Discrete Event Simulation Using Design Patterns, Author: Kim Leng Koh, Advisor: Arnold H. Buss, Second Reader: Man-Tak Shing, December 2007

A Study to Model Human Behavior in Discrete Event Simulation (DES) Using Simkit, Author: Boon Leng (Ryan) Tan, Advisor: Arnold H. Buss, Second Reader: Christian J. Darken, December 2007

Requirements to Create a Persistent, Open Source, Mirror World for Military Applications, Author: Kent L. Sanders, Advisors: Don Brutzman & Amela Sadagic, Second Reader: Terry Norbraten, December 2007

Training Methods and Tactical Decision-Making Simulations, Authors: C. Neil Fitzpatrick, III,  Ümit Ayvaz, Advisors: Amela Sadagic & Anthony Ciavarelli, September 2007

Extending DOD Modeling and Simulation with Web 2.0, Ajax and X3D, Author: Michael A. Farias, Advisor: Don Brutzman, Second Reader: Don McGregor, September 2007

Effectiveness Evaluation of Force Protection Training Using Computer-Based Instruction and X3D Simulation, Author: Wilfredo Cruzbaez, Advisors: Don Brutzman & Anthony Ciavarelli, September 2007

A Venture Capital Mixed Model for the Acquisition of Defense Software Products, Author: Michael T. Botsakos, Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Second Reader: Theodore Lewis, June 2007

A Dynamic Three-Dimensional Network Visualization Program for Integration into Cyberciege and Other Network Visualization Scenarios, Author: Donald E. Coomes, Advisor: Mathias Kolsch, Second Reader: Michael Thompson, June 2007

Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics for Visualizing Marine Mammal Reaction to Underwater Sound on the Southern California ASW Range (SOAR), Author: Stephanie Thompson, Advisors: Don Brutzman, Curt Collins, & John Joseph, June 2007

Investigating Team Collaboration in the Fire Department of New York Using Transcripts from September 11, 2001, Author: Maura Garrity, Advisors: Susan G. Hutchins & Anthony Kendall, June 2007

An Analysis of Learning Algorithms in Complex Stochastic Environments, Author: Kristopher D. Poor, Advisor: Christian Darken, Second Reader: Terry Norbraten, June 2007

Navy Requirements for Controlling Multiple Off-Board Robots Using the Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle Workbench, Author: Dennis W. Monroe, Advisor: Don Brutzman, Second Readers: Jeff Weekley & Terry Norbraten, June 2007

Automated Run-Time Mission and Dialog Generation, Author: John David Kelly, Advisor: Chris Darken, Second Reader: Perry McDowell, March 2007

Platform Camera Aircraft Detection for Approach Evaluation and Training, Author: Ryan S. Yusko, Advisors: Mathias Kolsch & Joseph Sullivan, March 2007

Pictorial Display Design to Enhance Spatial Awareness of Operators in Unmanned Aviation, Author: Thomas Zirkelbach, Advisor: Michael E. McCauley, Second Reader: Anthony P. Ciavarelli, March 2007

Probability Modeling of Multi-Type Autonomous Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles Engaging Non-homogeneous Targets under Imperfect Information, Author: Themistoklis Papadopoulos, Advisor: Moshe Kress, Second Reader: Kyle Y. Lin, March 2007

Particle Filter Based Tracking in a Detection Sparse Discrete Event Simulation Environment, Author: Drew A. Borovies, Advisor: Christian Darken, Second Reader: Arnold Buss, March 2007


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Waterside Security Alternatives for Force Protection of Navy Ships and Installations Using X3D Graphics and Agent-Based Simulation, Author: Patrick Joseph Sullivan, Advisors: Don P. Brutzman & Curtis L. Blais, September 2006

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PhD Dissertations

MOVES PhD. Dissertations

Identifying the Limits of an Integrated Training Environment Using Human Abilities and Affordance Theory, Author: Glenn August Hodges, Advisor: Rudolph Darken, June 2014

Development of a Locomotion Interface for Portable Virtual Environment Systems Using an Inertial/Magnetic Sensor-Based System and a Ranging Measurement System, Author: Chuan Hao Yang, Advisor: Xiaoping Yun, March 2014

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Flexible Space-Filling Designs for Complex System Simulations, Author: Alexander D. MacCalman, Advisor: Eugene P. Paulo, June 2013

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Learning and Prediction of Relational Time Series, Author: Kian-Moh Terence Tan, Advisor: Christian Darken, March 2013

Learning from Noisy and Delayed Rewards the Value of Reinforcement Learning to Defense Modeling and Simulation, Author: Jonathan K. Alt, Advisor: Christian J. Darken, September 2012

The Effect of Time-Advance Mechanism in Modeling and Simulation, Author: Ahmen Ali Alrowaie, Advisor: Arnold H. Buss, September 2011

A Quantitative Model for Assessing Visual Simulation Software Architecture, Author: Robert W. Harder, Advisor: Rudy Darken, September 2011

A Discourse in Human Systems Integration, Author: Anthony P. Tvaryanas, Advisor: Nita Lewis Shattuck, September 2010

Assessing Neurophysiologic Markers for Training and Simulation to Develop Expertise in Complex Cognitive Tasks, Author: Joseph A. Sullivan, Advisor: Rudolph Darken, September 2010